Onkar Sumal

1984 Lyrics

Onkar Sumal (talking) ‘’1984’’ (Break) ‘’Amritsar Massacre’’ (Break) ‘’Never forget’’  Female News Reporter ‘’Assault on the golden temple in Amritsar shows that Mrs Ghandi has risked alienating the 9 million Sikhs in India in order to destroy the greatest threat to her’’  Male News Reporter ‘’This old man was beaten and burned, another had one…
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‘Ghetto Love’ about to be released

'Ghetto Love' Onkar Sumal's new song 'Ghetto Love', Onkar Sumal's recent release is finally coming together! Last Saturday, the final scenes were shot for the 'Ghetto Love' music video. The video location was split between Cannes, France and right here in his home town of London. Onkar said "I'm so happy everything is finally piecing…
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Who is Onkar Sumal? Onkar Sumal is one of the pioneers of Punjabi Rap, and helped shape the Bhangra scene to what is today.  Based in the UK, he made his singing debut with his amazing new vocals on his debut single ‘Pichlee Galee’. His fresh new look and all round musical swagger is ready to…
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