1984 Press Release

1984, NEVER FORGET. Onkar Sumal (formerly Punjabi rapper ‘Lightnin MC’) is back after 10 years, out from the Punjabi Rap game with this brand new hip-hop rap song which impacts through intelligent lyrics, thought provoking visual dramatics and hard hitting musical beats. This song contrasts the events from the turbulent year of 1984, to the modern day struggles that the world around us faces in the current era. Judgements are made in everyday life from what we see around us, with the media and influences mostly out of our control - this song does a great job of deceiving our own perceptions of good and bad. The lyrics and visuals cite the cruelties faced by followers of the Sikh religion in 1984 Punjab, contextualises them in modern day format, and references the awful atrocities currently happening around the world. Onkar's vision for this video aimed to produce conflicting emotions in each viewer, and nearing the end of the video, will settle on one ultimatum, that 'everyone deserves a chance'.

Onkar Sumal? Who is he?

The name may not ring any bells to the new age listener or even the old, but under his former stage name ‘Lightnin MC’ he was evidently the 1st ever Punjabi Rapper coming out in the year 2001. What happened? After much speculation, Onkar decided to take a brief hiatus. But 10 years later he's back with a bucket load of material for 2017 and the hunger of a brand new artist! His goal is to remind the industry of why he was the original pioneer of Punjabi rap, and helping the genre establish it’s roots again, as well as gain a huge modern day following on digital media.

Onkar Sumal (Aka Lightnin MC) appeared on his most acclaimed hits listed below in order of release:

‘Kamaal’ featuring Manak-e (Street Beats Vol 1)

‘Billo’ featuring Gubi Sandhu GI Jatt (Urban Flavas 3)

‘Putt Sardara De’ featuring Ranjit Mani & RDB (Unstoppable RDB)

‘Punjabanay’ & ‘Sum Next Auntie’ Both produced by the late Kully from RDB (Danger 3)

‘Aish’ featuring Notorious Jatt (Livin it up)

Various Songs on Play-az Lab Album produced by Jas Panesar

‘Pichlee Galee’ Prod by Jas Panesar (Pretty Boy Music)

Pichlee Galee Remix prod by Music Manny aka Illegal Demo feat Bushkin (Formely Heartless Crew)

The hard hitting hip hop beat with moving compositions has been produced by well known British Asian music producer Jas Panesar. Jas Panesar has produced music for well known Punjabi music artists across the world, with a catalogue of more than 50 audio releases in his 20 year career. The moving music video has been exceptionally crafted by Saud Ali from the production company ‘Reel Mode’. Reel mode make high end film and video productions and this is demonstrated to perfection in this compelling masterpiece.


Say hello to Onkar:

Facebook: Onkar Sumal

Instagram @sosumal

Twitter @sosumal

Official Music Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1I53grOPTY
Audio Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/1984-single/id1223054818

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