‘Ohle Ohle’ Press Release

‘Ohle Ohle’ is about to become your new bhangra banger of 2017!

Onkar Sumal’s upcoming single ‘Ohle Ohle’ is a fun, family filled song and music video celebrating Indian culture and going back to his own ethnical roots of Punjab, India.

“I really wanted to make this song as authentic as possible throughout the whole process, so for this tune I used Punjabi bred percussionists, and shot the video in Phagwara and my own pind Mauli’

Known for his collaborations with Notorious Jatt (Livin’ it up) and RDB (Sum Next Auntie, Billo, Punjabanay), as well as his solo work, this upcoming banger will definitely make waves in the bhangra scene. Music Producer Jas Panesar (Ace Of Spades Music), has made a true masterpiece, combining traditional Punjabi percussion as well as urban bass influenced beats to create ‘Ohle Ohle’.

Back in 2002, Onkar Sumal created the genre ‘Punjabi Rap’ and paved the way for current hit stars like Honey Singh along the way, starting out at the same time as Canadian rapper Bohemia. He went by the name of ‘Lightnin MC’, but took a brief hiatus. Now in 2017 he’s back with new material, a new perspective, and ready to get back into the music industry with a renewed passion for his music!

"I recognise the music industry and geography has completely changed and that’s why I am literally starting from the bottom with no arrogance in my heart from my previous success. This is a great test for me, I have never needed to try and climb the ladder – when I was younger and I first came out my success was organic and supported by big record labels. Now I am trying new styles and ready to showcase my abilities in many different ways to prove I am still up there with the new guys in terms of ability but also to showcase how many different skills I possess"

Special thanks to Onkar’s record label, Ace of Spades Music, and director, Saud Ali from ‘Reel MODE’ demonstrating a highly crafted Video Visual for the song and Jas Panesar for the audio masterpiece.

This is a must watch video for all generations to have some fun, with great feel good vibes. Onkar is ready to take his career to the next level with this and many more upcoming singles later in the year.

This empowering and upcoming new single will be released on 21st September 2017, so be sure to take a listen. Available on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.


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