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Onkar Sumal is a UK Born artist

who made his singing debut with his single ‘Pichlee Galee’.

Leaving the music industry in 2007 for personal reasons,

10 years later he is back with bucket load of material for 2017

and the hunger of a brand new artist!

Latest Track : Ohle Ohle

‘Ohle Ohle’ is a vibrant, fun, family orientated song and music video celebrating Punjabi culture and going back to his own ethnical roots of Punjab, India! The video is perfectly timed to release in time for Diwali, the holy festival of light in India!

Special thanks to Onkar’s record label, Ace of Spades Music, and director, Saud Ali from ‘Reel MODE’ demonstrating a highly crafted Video Visual for the song as well as Jas Panesar for the audio masterpiece.

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